Media Investors Summit

The Media Investors Summit brings together the key stakeholders of the industry; the investors, broadcasters, commissioners, and representatives from government agencies and associations from around the region, to discuss the most pertinent issues our sector faces today. Each year, the exclusive luncheon features thought leaders on the year’s chosen topic, to start conversations and calls-to-action that will define the future of the Southeast Asian media industry.


The recent explosion of sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood has rocked the industry, exposing what everyone has always known about for decades, but cowardly chosen to keep quiet about. Yet the media and entertainment industry in Asia has remained silent about this problem in our part of the world, though we know it may probably be far worse. And we know the issue of ethics stretches to many more areas too. We have all heard stories of crew dying on set from exhaustion, crippled stuntmen receiving a pittance as compensation, animals beaten to death for a film, freelancers who get cheated of their wages, rogue producers who deceive investors, and much more. We may be legally innocent, but morally complicit. If we’re part of the value chain, know of a problem and yet remain silent about it, then we become part of the problem too. These issues should stir our humanity, and they have commercial repercussions too. The inaugural Media Investors Summit hopes to bring ethical changes to our industry.