Entry Criteria

You have to be an individual, and not an organization.
Whether you specialize in feature film or TV, fiction or factual, live action or animated content, you are equally welcomed.
We accept members of any nationality. But members have to be based in Southeast Asia, or actively works on media projects in Southeast Asia (last project in Southeast Asia has to be less than 3 years ago).
This is an association made up primarily of media producers, but we welcome media professionals like directors, media financiers, distributors, exhibitors, writers, actors, crew, animators and music producers, as associate members.
Producers have to have produced at least 3 feature films or 20 hours of TV content (within the last 5 years) to become accredited members. Media professionals who have not met this criteria may become accredited members at the recommendation of two accredited members and the approval of the Executive Committee.
Producers who do not meet the criteria in Clause 5 are welcomed as associate members.

If you do not know if you qualify, but would love to join us, please contact us here