The SAAVA Creative Lab is a program that identifies, incubates and internationalizes the best media concepts from Southeast Asia. Through a partnership with private enterprises specializing in intellectual property (IP) management, the program helps creators of the best ideas to commercialize their IPs across multiple platforms.

The Creative Lab seeks for bold new IPs with commercial appeal and potential in international markets. Working closely with the individual creators of these properties, the Creative Lab brings together an alliance of private enterprises (financiers, producers and distributors) to help the creators maximize the exploitation of their IPs across various platforms like film, TV, animation, comics, games, toys, live events, novelization and merchandize.


The alliance of private enterprises has committed to identify, develop and produce the most brilliant concepts into exportable content. Over the next 3 years, the budget allocated by the alliance to produce and internationalize these properties is estimated to cross USD 20 million.

The alliance include:

  • Aurora Media Group, Singapore
  • Goshen Media, Indonesia
  • DragonSlate, Malaysia
  • Silver Media Group, Singapore

“I’ve been licensing top foreign brands for live events for many years, but always wondered why our region, with our abundant creative talents, has not produced properties that can be marketed worldwide? I believe that given the right opportunities, the most brilliant ideas from Southeast Asia can stand shoulder to shoulder with top international brands. The Creative Lab connects creative talents with our international network and content production expertise to create lucrative new opportunities for the region.”

Allen Jordan, Managing Director of Goshen Media, Indonesia


“Through the Creative Lab, SAAVA hopes to provide the platform for our emerging creative talents to excel, and bring the best concepts from Southeast Asia to the world stage. We are proud to partner with a growing alliance of private enterprises that are committed to mentor and provide the opportunities to our creative talents. These enterprises have successfully produced content for the world market and possess the know-how, financing sources and distribution channels to help Creative Lab achieve its mission.”
Chan Gin Kai, Executive Producer of Silver Media Group and President of SAAVA


To submit your concepts to SAAVA Creative Lab or join our alliance of private enterprises that are committed to helping provide opportunities for the best creative talents in the region, contact us here.