The Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association (SAAVA) is a non-profit association that seeks to unify media producers in the region. The association’s mission is to advance creative development across the region, promote Southeast Asian media content and capabilities internationally, as well as stimulate business collaborations between its members.


With a population of more than 626 million and a robust growing economy, the region provides tremendous opportunities for the media and entertainment industry. By strengthening regional alliances and partnerships between established producers, as well as encouraging and mentoring new media professionals, SAAVA aims to help its members ride on the growth of the region and succeed on international markets. Our members include producers, financiers, directors, distributors and exhibitors from the film, TV and digital media sectors.


To promote co-productions and collaborations between media producers in Southeast Asia

To organize media industry-related events in Southeast Asia and on virtual platforms

To develop and provide information and database resources for media professionals and organizations in Southeast Asia

To develop and establish connections with similar organisations and associations globally

To facilitate skills-enhancement, and adoption of best practices, and technologies

To offer prizes, awards, grants and sponsorships to media students and professionals, and accreditation for media professionals

To spur research, development and institution of industry best practices and codes of conduct

To promote Southeast Asian media content internationally, Southeast Asia as a location for media production, and Southeast Asian producers as co-production collaborators