Obscure PS1 game Aconcagua can finally be played in English

Aconcagua, a Japanese-only PS1 game, is finally receiving an English translation.

Hilltop, a translator of Japanese games, is releasing a patch for the game – available from 11th July.

The game was originally released by Sony in 2000 but never made its way to the west.

It’s a third-person adventure focused on a group of passengers who survive a plane crash in South America caused by a terrorist bombing. Sounds a bit like Lost to me.

IGN reported at the time that Sony was aiming to penetrate the game market in Argentina.

It received a 29/40 in Famitsu and is little remembered, likely due to the imminent release of the PS2.

Hilltop claims the translation process was “a roller coaster of obscure technical roadblocks and clever solutions”